Ya'ara Gil-Glazer

Dr. Ya’ara Gil-Glazer is the Head of the Education through Art Program, Department of Education, Tel-Hai Academic College, Israel. She was formerly the Head of the Department of Education and Visual Research at the Shpilman Photography Institute (2013-2016). Gil-Glazer researches and teaches courses in photography, visual culture and art education. Her research interests include modern and contemporary art and visual culture and its educational integration into social contexts; photography books and documentaries;the relationships between image and text; and historiography and the theory of photography.She authored The Documentary Photobook: Social-Cultural Criticism in the U.S. during the Great Depression and the New Deal published in June 2013 by Resling [Hebrew]. She received her Ph.D. (summa cum laude) from the University of Haifa, Israel,in 2010. Gil-Glazer regularly presents research papers at international conferences and writes and publishes articles on photography, visual culture and education.