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Per Kristian Sebak

Per Kristian Sebak, Ph.D., is a historian and the director at the Bergen Maritime Museum. Hehas specialized in late-nineteenth century and early-twentieth century maritime and migration history and published several books and articles. His PhD compared the three Scandinavian America lines and their role towards transatlantic migration, with particular emphasis on Eastern Europe and transmigrants. Sebak has also focused on Jewish immigration to Bergen,including the Holocaust. In addition to published works, his occupation today includes writing and editing exhibition texts at the museum.On the use of photography in exploring Histories of Migration from Scandinavia and Russia. Sebak has written three books dealing with different migrant groups prior to World War II,mainly Scandinavians and Russian Jews. The first book told the story of the Norwegian passengers on the TITANIC, most of whom were emigrants. The second book concerned the emigrant steamer NORGE that sank in 1904 with the loss of 635 lives, including 225 Norwegian emigrants and 200 Russian Jews. The third book was about Jewish immigration(mainly from Russia) to Bergen and Norway prior to World War II and what happened to them during the war. In all three books, photographs were an essential part in reconstructing the stories of the people involved. Sebak will focus on how photographs shaped the selected narratives in each book along with the practical sides in obtaining and using photographs.What differences and similarities may be detected in addressing Scandinavian compared to Russian-Jewish migrants?